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Here at Sweet Me Keep Me, we take our sweets seriously. Primarily, we are concerned with hygiene, thus all our products are packaged and warehoused in only the highest accredited facilities. These include certifications from the International Organisation for Standardisation ISO 9001 and British Retail Consortium BRC Grade A, to ensure all SMKM products reach the customer in perfect condition.


We have HACCP management procedures in place that deal with all aspects of food safety. In addition, traceability codes are printed on each product, in the unlikely event of any product recall, we are able to identify when and where the product was packed.

The shelf life for each Candy Case will have a minimum of 8 months from the delivery date but this is likely to be substantially longer. This will be inkjet printed on each sleeve along with traceability codes. Each sleeve will also contain a barcode, ingredients and nutritional information that is required by UK law.


Our packaging facility based in the UK has the capability of producing 2000 Candy Cases per day, but an increase in production is possible where larger quantities are required.


The Heart One

SRP: 299 x 148 x 278

Approx.Gross SRP Weight – 2.12 kg

24 cases per layer

5 Layers

120 Cases x 6 = 720 units per pallet.

Pallet Height 1540mm

Sales Retail Packaging 

Each Candy Case has its own bespoke SRP, containing 6 units. The SRP’s have been custom designed for supermarket shelves with an additional SRP located right behind it for speed and efficiency. The SRP will contain the Candy Case logo on all 3 sides, along with a barcode.

All dimensions in mm

Standard Wooden Pallet: 1200 x 1000

SRP sizes are as follows:

The Car One


SRP: 324 x 124 x 178

Approx.Gross SRP Weight – 1.76 kg

29 cases per layer

8 Layers

232 Cases x 6 = 1392 units per pallet.

Pallet Height 1574mm

The Square One

SRP: 304 x 214 x 308

Approx.Gross SRP Weight – 3.28 kg

16 cases per layer

4 Layers

64 Cases x 6 = 384 units per pallet

Pallet Height 1382mm

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