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Fill Me Up Again & Again

We love the Candy Case so much that we couldn’t bear to throw it away after one use.

Enter the Candy Case filler bag! 


This is a separate unit to be sold alongside the Candy Case itself or as a single unit purchase. The Candy Case filler bag will come with the exact sweets needed to completely refill the tray, there will be one filler bag for each design that can be purchased at a reduced price. Most confectionery packaging is disposed of after consumption, this is where the Candy Case continues to stand out in the market.

Refill the case, there's an extra sweet to stuff your face!


This also gives the Candy Case a whole new additional angle, transforming it into an interactive and fun product that engages with the customer. We have even added a surprise element, an extra sweet that doesn’t belong in the Candy Case for the added bonus of intrigue.


Once the Candy Case has been emptied, you or your child can enjoy refilling the case. Now the Candy Case has an interactive and educational element, it’s like an edible puzzle. It’s cool and fun.

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